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PT Solutions Residency Program is APTA Certified
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Physician referral is vital to PT Solutions. For our physician referrers and their staffs, our goal is to provide easy entry to our practice. We are receptive and timely in our receipt and scheduling of a new patient. We report on progress. We share in the program of treatment to allow for patient recovery in concert with the physician’s goals.

We assist the referring physician in reducing administrative time in determining insurance lists, scheduling the new patient efficiently, and ensuring the patient is well serviced upon arrival. We understand that physicians must refer to quality.

Why PT Solutions

  • We Help to Make the Physician Look Good
  • Enhance the Physician Delivery of Service
  • Ease in Scheduling
  • Ease in Insurance Counseling
  • Confidence in Experience
  • Regular Update on Progress
  • Convenience for the Patient
  • Assist in Problem Solving
  • Wide Range in Services
  • Ability to Treat Multiple Diagnoses


PT Solutions is a participating provider for most insurance plans in Alabama and Georgia, including Medicare and Champus/Tricare. We also accept many other insurance plans.

Additionally, we also accept workers’ compensation, auto accident coverage, and attorney’s liens. As a service to our patients, we pre-verify your insurance, file the necessary claims paperwork, and are available to assist with any step of the reimbursement process.